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‘Spread the Love’ is a good will campaign to encourage service work. The message will be spread by hitting the streets and selling one rose at a time in places where people gather. It's a local way to ‘Spread the Love’. The proceeds from the flower sales will fund international volunteering trips. Those trips will be more of a global Spread the Love effort. The idea is to encourage others to participate in service work at any level, provide resources and an example to learn from.
On this Web Site
Blogs: For a some insight on the processes and thoughts going on about this project
Photos: Albums of various trips, events, and people
Tracking: To follow along with the progress and provide transparency

If you have any questions, e-mail me at


 Julie Green

PS This is a work in progress. I like when people give me suggestions, so feel free tom let me know what you think. This web site is ever changing and is growing as the project itself grows. Check back often to see how things develop.

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Thank you to all those that are supporting this project!

A HUGE thanks for all of you that has taken the time to talk with me and especially those that bought a rose. You are the ones that this project is about.

Thank you to the instructors and advisors for all your insights. Your guidance is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you to my friends, fellow students, and associates. I get so much encouragement from you, and wow, I feel honored.

Thank you to the businesses and agencies that consistently propel this project forward. I couldn't do it without you.




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